Applying electrical pulses to cells and tissues causes changes in the structure of the bilayer lipid membrane. In this way, the pores form between the transient membrane and increase membrane permeability to different materials. This phenomenon is called electroporation or electric cavitation. The electric field leads to the breakdown of the membrane. The membrane begins to discharge this energy by receiving high energy from the electrical pulses to prevent the degradation processes, and by a mechanical behavior the membrane undergoes some sort of disruption and eventually the transfer of polar molecules into the cell is enabled. This method is used in laboratory, biological, chemotherapy and gene therapy studies. The combination of electroporation with chemotherapy is called electrochemotherapy. Electrochemotherapy is a method used to increase drug concentration in the tumor and decrease drug concentration in healthy tissues. Electrochemotherapy is known as a topical treatment using electrical pulses to increase cell membrane permeability to chemotherapeutic drugs. Pars Travel Company is the first manufacturer of electrochemotherapy and electroporation systems in the country. The systems built by the company have been able to produce existing protocols, based on years of research, and the ability to create a more secure and effective method than existing protocols. The protocol used in this system has been used in cellular and animal studies and its efficacy has been measured with other protocols and is currently in the clinical trial phase in the electrochemotherapy department.
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